Monday, October 25, 2004

baseball 04

It's been an interesting year in baseball. The Giants were overtaken in the WildCard race by the streaking Astros and lost one that will go into rivalry lore, in the last 2004 game I saw live. It looked like the Giants were going to win and force a one-game playoff and quite unlike 2002 (when the Giants went to the Series), Dodger fans at Chavez Ravine became serious about the rivalry. The taunting Bonds [1], alone in a sea of green amidst Dodger blue, and heckling Giants fans bilingually are just a few things I saw on the left-field side of blue reserve. (I still don't know the story of the inflated sheep [2] but I guess it's easier to inflate than the blow-up doll of years past.) Down 3-0 in the bottom of the ninth, the Dodgers came back to tie the game and then win it 7-3 on a grand-slam homer. The Dodgers ending a long playoff drought clinched the division that day[3]. It reminded me of a game up at Candlestick in 1982 (I was too young for road trips then) when the Giants dashed the Dodger's postseason bid. I recall seeing on channel 11, Giant's fans with "Beat LA" signs and the pelting of reliever, Steve Howe (sniffle-sniffle, coke fiend), with oranges, as he made that long walk from the 'Stick bullpen to the mound.

It was sort of interesting seeing the recent Dodgers-Giants game and then go to New York a day later, where both teams came from. The Giants dwelling at the Polo Grounds (uptown Manhattan) and the Dodgers at Ebbets Field (Flatbush-Brooklyn). I hear that there are people in Brooklyn still mad at the Dodgers for leaving but I'm sure the invasion of too-cool "hipsters," yuppies, and pseudo-artsy types give them more pressing concerns, as rents skyrocket in the area.

Well, it looks like the Bo-Sox are going to win the Series, after coming back from being down 0-3 to their dreaded rivals, the Yankees. An interesting season on many fronts...for a change.

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