Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Branding & Franchises: Los Angeles Angels?

The Sunday LA Times mentioned the Anaheim Angels new billboard campaign. No phone numbers, catchy phrases, season ticket reminders...just Vladamir Guerrero in action and the team logo. The billboards aren't in the OC but elsewhere in the Southland, as the Angels are trying to build up a regional presence. Moreover, since earlier this summer, the Angels are considering renaming the team the Los Angeles Angels. Baseball Commissioner, Bud Selig, has given Angel's owner Arte Moreno his blessing to rename the team but "Anaheim" is required for the Angel Stadium lease.

The Angels' ratings last season rose 29% on Channel 9 and 62% on Fox Sports Net, Angel Senior VP of Sales and Marketing John Carpino said.

The Angel's contract with KCAL Channel 9 is up for renewal after the 2005 season. For next season, the Angels will receive $5.2 million from KCAL, while the Dodgers will get $8 million from KCOP Channel 13.

Moreno has already removed the "Anaheim" from uniforms, schedules, and ads last season. According to Carpino, the Angels sell 65% of their season tickets in the OC, 24% in Los Angeles County, and 10% in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

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