Friday, January 07, 2005

Guest Blogger Chad Vickers: (Mostly) Hong Kong Cinema

This is a genre I know little about, besides what I read in the papers or on NPR. Guest blog entry by Chad (AKA Turbo):

I made a list of movies that I broke down by actors and directors, but when I got to the martial art (MA) category there is too many films that I would consider really great, and since the MA film is kind of the cornerstone of Asian Cinema (i.e., especially Hong Kong) I figure I'll start there. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to put all the films I've seen into a top ten list. So I will separate two different list the new school (1985 and above) this has faster editing, more camera tricks, and so on. I will list Old School (1969-84). Old school stuff I have come to regard as the finest of all MA film making, the fights are longer, less edited, and more fluid.

Some consider old school stuff too slow, but I find that with less editing, the fight choreoghraphy is much more dynamic. Keep in mind these list are in no particular order, and are based solely on MA content and not on story, as most of the stories in these films are pretty weak.

Old School:

8 Diagram Pole Fighter

Heroes of the East

36th. Chamber of Shaolin

Odd Couple

7 Grandmasters

Mad Monkey Kung Fu

Invincible Shaolin

5 Fighters from Shaolin

Shaolin Temple 1, 2 ,and 3 (Jet Li)

The Master AKA 3 Evil Masters

The Hot the Cool and The Vicious

Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin

The Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms

Drunken Master

Snake in the Eagles' Shadow

Duel to the Death

Magnificent Butchers

Iron-Fisted Monk

The Victim
(Sammo Hung)

Executioners of Death

Ninja Hunter

Chinese Super Ninjas

Mystery of Chess Boxing

Shaolin Mantis

Return of the One-Armed Swordsman

Drunken Tai Chi

My Young Auntie

Ninja the Final Duel

Born Invincible

Shaolin vs. Lama

Photo::  Chad Vickers (2003), getting married & sporting a Tom Sizemore look.

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