Thursday, February 24, 2005

JetBlue & Bob Hope Airport

JetBlue is looking to take over defunct Aloha's gates at Burbank (Bob Hope) in order to provide a new transcon route from the Valley, according to the LA Times. I'm looking forward to the promotional fare of $99, which will also be good for the LGB-JFK route. The regular one-way fares will range from $124 to $299, usually depending on advance booking and supply/demand. The competition may find that hard to match:

"By comparison, the one-way fare on a Delta flight for May 24 from Burbank to New York's LaGuardia Airport, with a stop in Atlanta, was $159, a check of Delta's website showed Wednesday. A United flight the same day from Burbank to LaGuardia, with a stop in Denver, was $270."

They have a favorable cost structure (non-union & newer AirBus fleet), cult-like loyalty, & great customer service (2004), although they still have worries as the airline industry is a tough one. I'm a big fan of JetBlue, as I get my TV fix (I found I miss DirecTV on my last Alaska Air flight), on my trips between LGB-OAK or JFK. A friend of mine has family that really likes the Burlington (VT)-JFK service. They have a "virtual" views (QuickTime) of interiors & exteriors, but don't allow you to make the plane nosedive on the exterior view.

Now, as sidenote, I just wonder how many more airports will be named after iconic B-movie actors. Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, John Wayne...What will the future have in store? I'm holding out for Keanu Reeves International Skyport, personally.

image::  Morro Bay aerial shot from FLT 247 OAK-LGB.  

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