Thursday, February 17, 2005

Run Lola Run-Oakland Version

Day: Monday in February 2005
Time: 10:53am
Oakland-Long Beach flight: 12:15pm
Location: Grand Lake/Piedmont
Boarding Pass: Printed

25 minute walk to Macarthur BART
Must get there by 11:09am for a Richmond-Fremont train
Does that happen?
Time: 11:15
Next Fremont train to airport at 11:32am
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
Cab? That would admit defeat!
No, must get to West Oakland station-betting on either SF-Fremont or SF-Pleasanton train to Oakland Airport.
Time: 11:17 am San Francisco Train
Time: 11:20am West Oakland station-cross platforms
Time: 11:29am Fremont train
Time: 11:45am Coliseum (Airport station)
Are we there yet?
No. Need 12 minute AirBART shuttle to airport.
Is a shuttle at the station or do I have to wait 15 minutes?
At the station-whew.
Crisp bills for $2 AirBart fare?
Yes...for a change.
Call Jet Blue?
No, crappy reception all morning on crappy Samsung phone.
Time: 11:48am, mental note one: get new cell phone. Mental note two: admit defeat more often & take a cab.
Time: 11:50am, thought to self, "hey driver, that light doesn't get any greener, let's go?"
Time: 12:01pm, Terminal One, Jet Blue, Oakland Airport.
How long to get through the sigmoidscope known as Oakland Airport security?
Time: 12:o2-no line at security--for a change.
Laptop-out of case in separate tray
Cell, wallet, keys, belt, & the bins.
Note to reader: fancy art-store Xacto got though in laptop case.
Note to self: Take that OUT.
Off to Gate 9.
12:04pm: Jet Blue employee, "This isn't you...this is going to Long Beach." "I'm on this." JBE: "Go, go, go."
Seat 6C, aisle. Made it.
12:10pm: door closes.
12:17pm: take-off.

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