Thursday, February 17, 2005

under the milky way tonight

Last autumn, the writer/director of Donnie Darko (Richard Kelly) got Newmarket to re-release his cult fave Donnie Darko. (Salon article/interview). Word around town was that he was having a tough time getting another deal for a new picture, so he wanted to generate buzz through a re-release of a film that suffered poor box office since it was a strange film with plane parts falling from the sky right after 9-11. It cost $4.5M but only brought in $517K in 2001. The re-release brought in over $700K and globally it has brought in $4.1M. After DVD sales are factored in, it just might make money but more importantly for Kelly, it might get him another project greenlighted. Getting the Gyllenhaals (albeit in 2001 before they had a name), Barrymore, Wyle, & Swayze all to work on a low budget film is impressive.

I thought it was an interesting film (script & visually) & can see how it became a cult movie, given the cast & script. The music, including the Church's "Under the Milky Way," did a good job of temporally setting the movie without having lyrics serve as narrative.

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