Saturday, April 16, 2005


In one of my classes, I brought up sponsorships of websites as an advertising tool. One that I'm quite familiar with is Saabnet's sponorship, the site being a fantastic virtual community resource for Saab owners and/or fans. This site has saved my ass many a time with tips & information...perhaps one day I'll blog on my saab smaag saga from 2004! saabs, like many quirky makes {brands} require one to have deep-pockets or be handy with tools...preferrably both. {Other quirkier makes are Peugeot, Alfa, & Citroën.} One of the site sponsors is Their sponsorship has worked on me and they have cool diagrams so I know what the really expensive part I need to buy looks like. The sponsor also gets written into the discussion posts, but often reffered to as "site sponsor," as if part of the community mores require a certain amount of commercial detachment. As a sidenote, discussion posters have no qualms about endorsing/dissing brands of parts but seem to be more detached with the sponsor, at times. Please post comments if you noticed anything similar on other brand-fan sites. Priuschat is another virtual community that's been gaining more attention these days. Apparently, you can find out how to optimize your driving to get that 50 MpG.

1996 900s 5-door 2.3L

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