Saturday, April 16, 2005

Visualizing Data-Comsumption of Housing

I came across this thanks to danah boyd up at sims. a third party has figured out how to "jack" data and apps. from craigslist and google maps in this cool app. of his own.

About the project:

Hello, and thanks for visiting my Craigslist-GoogleMaps combo site!
I hope you enjoy it, and that it helps you find your new place to live.
I've gotten a ton of great feedback from everyone the last few days. To answer some common questions:
Satellite imagery is coming soon, along with Safari & Opera support.
Yes, more cities are on their way.
Several people have asked for the Rooms & Sublets subcategories on Craigslist, so I'll try to get those up too.
Thanks, and let me know what you think of the app! Paul
New! Austin, TX and Vancouver, B.C. are now on the map

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