Sunday, May 15, 2005

say something new

A new trend is using indie music in ads. a few car companies are doing this and now the new Target ‘design for all’ ads are using a glossy version of the Concrete's ‘Say Something New’. Target is trying to out-Martha Martha, who has faded from the limelight, bringing design back into everyday life {starting w/ the Michael Graves connection}. The Concretes get their name from their native Stockholm's favorite building material. The signature artwork {below} & video for ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ I found interesting on many levels. The band is doing a good job of "branding" themselves as "anti-rock" but not quite so sugary as twee-pop that can get pretty annoying. The video hits on an interesting trope & it's interesting how the band members are presented in the video. I love how the drummer, Lisa Milberg {far left} is addicted to eBay, as I can relate.

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Ken said...

The Concretes vocals might sound familiar. Victoria Bergsman was in the band until mid-2006. She later went on to collaborate with Peter, Bjorn, & John's 2007 "hit" Young Folks