Saturday, March 01, 2008

Amazon Kindle Review on cNet

I'm interested in seeing where this technology goes.  The cost is $400 and it uses an EVDO (high-speed cellular data) connection.  The e-ink screen is black-and-white and a color screen won't be available for at least a year.  It was one of Wired Magazines top 10 gadgets for 2007, as well as one of its biggest heartbreaks.  I wonder...Is this something you would use?

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Loghry said...

This is a really cool application of the web. I saw a guy in Starbucks today while at a meeting and he was clicking through what I thought to be a PDA. I walked by him on my way out and noticed what he was looking at. I would use it. Heres the thing, why couldnt I just make my Blackberry or Treo do the same thing? Its electronic and would need to be charged. I feel like there are to many personal electronic devices available and having them all would take a suitcase to hall around. Just my opinion. Cool tech none the less.