Monday, April 07, 2008

Weaving content and advertising

Scion, Toyota's youth-oriented make has forged a deal to exclusively sponsor the Adult Swim show, Assy McGee, airing late nights on the Cartoon Network.  The deal was put together by Zenith Media giving Scion exclusive sponsorship for a year.  Scion will have 35 second commercial inserted into the 15 minute episodes (the runtime of the episodes are 11'30").  The April 6th. episode had "Assy" as a car dealer, à la Cal Worthington's My Dog Spot ads, offering low, low prices for the Scion xB.
Assy McGee premiered in late November of 2006 on Adult Swim.  Initially, there were no takers for advertising on the show, due to its questionable content of having a trigger-happy detective played by an animated pair of buttocks. 

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