Friday, June 13, 2008

I get all my new music from commercials...

OK, fine, I did see feist on music TV last summer, but "1-2-3-4" really didn't register until leslie + co. were tapped by ad agency, twba/chiat day, to be in an iPod nano commercial last fall. never mind that I'm not that big of a fan of feist, it doesn't matter. commercials are getting so hip, I now know what I should be liking...or at least looking into.

I think it may have started with a target ad featuring the concretes', "say something new." Earlier this year, I saw a feel-good-candy commercial guessed it...candy. oreo candy bites {photo} . the song is by melanie horsnell, who also did a song for a JC Penney commercial, "today's the day." ::sure, some people hear cool stuff on KCRW or dramas like private practice, gray's anatomy or gossip girl, but I don't have the attention span/patience for that kind of time commitment. promos for dramas, now you're talkin'. I felt sooooo validated when desperate housewives used jem on a promo just days after I bought the CD.

I'm beginning to think I really shouldn't be allowed to make my own purchasing decisions...seriously, I got suckered in by this?!::
"In a candy house, with a secret door..
There's a magic world that I've dreamt before.
A little girl place is where I'll be,
On a star-lined street, with a big tall tree.
... Candy ...