Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Apple iPod Invisa-the pace of innovation?

Let's see how long this stays on YouTube.

New link 4/4/2009::
From the consumer point of view, is a fast pace of innovation a good thing or is it frustrating  What are the issues for firms marketing innovations when it comes to delivering value?

Here's part of a graphic on Apple and the mass market created way back in early 2005, almost 4 years ago.  (It would be great if someone re-did this with current products and prices).  It discussed tipping points, popularized by Malcolm Gladwell, a writer for the New Yorker I often take issue with.  The author of the graphic, Paul Nixon, makes a compelling case for Apple using iPod to create a tipping point in the PC market.  While Mac market shares are not in the double-digits, as Nixon offered as a possibility, there has been growth and being in the 7-8% range is saying something about the Apple brand.  The PC market isn't an attractive one.  Consumers want more and expect to pay less.  The margins are tough and the competition is fierce.  Why stay in the PC market at all?  Why not just quit selling Macs and just focus on the iPod and iPhone?  What do you thing the stakes are?


Soly said...

wow, this is really true. The way SNL making fun of Apple introducing new iPod every season, and the same for any other major technology. Technology today changes so fast, people can't even keep on top of everything out there in the market.

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

The video is available here: