Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Everyone Is Going Green...The Pragmatic Approach

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This ad got a fair amount of airtime during the US Open coverage, along with another "go green" IBM ad.  (I'm sort of going through sports withdrawal after 4 weeks of the Olympics & the US Open.)  This take on things is very pragmatic, emphasizing green as a cost-saving benefit.  The "story" is very staged.  The older, gruff manager having to be "sold" on the environmental angle, emphasizing how the proposal will be popular with the "tree huggers" and will make his company look good, but that his bosses don't eat granola.  The woman appeals with the 40% cost savings, alluding to a relatively painless way of increasing the bottom line.  All of a sudden, the manager "gets it," the b & w gives way to color and "Disneyfied" animals, plants, and flowers appear, along with music from The Wizard of Oz.  (I had to look this up).  There's no description of what is in the woman's report...the hook is the cost-saving narrative.  The featured link http://www.ibm.com/gogreen offers up the details.  Who is the target audience?

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Kelly Yang said...

I like this commercial very much again because it reflect with the social marketing strategy which talk about the New Era.It is for the firm to cut their cost and waste whihc benefit both the society and themselves.