Sunday, October 19, 2008

**** Grapefruit

Do you have a strong opinion on produce, fruit to be specific?  This webcomic (may be offensive due to language) disparages grapefruit and garnered almost 540 responses.  

Web 2.0 allows us to be engaged with others on pretty much anything.  We've all seen news articles with thousands of comments.  So many that it's practically impossible to read them all.  What's the point?  Does Web 2.0 just allow the consumer to generate even more clutter for us to sift through?  Also, from the point of view of the consumer/user, why bother?  What is compelling about having voice in a discussion about someone's arbitrary typology of fruit?

One of my students (Nick) sees the value in all of the data behind Web 2.0...the data behind the social network sites, blog profiles, tagging, Amazon transactions, wiki entries, etc., but is there value in experts or those "in the know" cutting through the clutter?  Can this even be implemented?

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