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sold out gold or how I really, really, really learned to hate cat power + chan marshall

In the late 80s or 90s, there was a SNL skit on "Sold Out Gold." {See transcript below, 9 Dec 2009}. A K-tel style ad parody featuring songs used in huckstering. So, I heard Mr. Blue Skies {ELO} + was pleasantly surprised by a quirky Jet Blue commercial. I'm not sure why, but I liked the ad, as well as the "Bubble Boy" VW spots a decade ago re-introducing the Beetle, also featuring said ELO song.

There are two Bowie songs being used in ads right now. One is for Rhapsody, using a few bars of "Sound + Vision."

The second is the indie heroine troubled with heroin, Chan Marshall, with a lame-ass cover of "Space Oddity," using that affected throaty jazzy schtick she does. WtF! Plus, the ultra-slick über-corporate commercial is for the gas-guzzling Lincoln MKS that costs $38K and gets 19 MPG. Selling out and f*cking the planet to boot. Some tool commented on an article that "people got to make a living." well, if you're a pop artist, sure. katy perry can {for example} slither on the ground selling {H/h}ummers to SUV afficionados and the bicurious all she wants, in my book. it bugs me when "indie" artists that pull this shit but still want the indie street cred, as Chan still mugs for.

Sellout? Flameout? Dark end of the street? Dead end of the street!

What are your thoughts on bands that you felt stood for something, who just went after the big brass ring?

Update 9 December 2009.  I've noticed that this post gets a fair amount of traffic, so I decided to post a transcript to the SNL parody ad I referred to above.

SNL "Sold Out Gold" Transcript
Airdate 18 April 1987, NBC

Sold-Out Gold

Daughter.....Victoria Jackson
Father.....Kevin Nealon
David Crosby.....Jon Lovitz

[ open on Father and Daughter dancing to "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys ]

Daughter: Wow, Dad, that's the Sunkist Song!

Father: No, Jennifer, it's the Beach Boys. I grew up listening to this music!

Daughter: Wow, Dad! You're cooler than I thought!

Father: You mean now, there's music we both can enjoy?

[ cut to David Crosby in a recording studio ]

David Crosby: There sure is, man! Hi, I'm David Crosby. Hey, did you know that many of today's best-loved commercial jingles are actually based on classics from the sixties? Cause they are, man. Now all this great music is available on one collection... [ holds up record SOLD OUT GOLD ] Sold Out Gold! You'll get great hits like Orange Vibrations.

[ SUPER: "SUNKIST VIBRATIONS - The Beach Boys", to the tune of "GoodVibrations" ]

"I'm picking up orange vibrations,
Sunkist Orange Soda taste sensations..

David Crosby: Or the Nike Song!

[ SUPER: "THE NIKE SONG - The Beatles", to the tune of "Revolution" ]

"There's got to be a revolution
Well, you know...

David Crosby: And if you order now, man, we'll sell you this additional album.. [ holds up record SOLD OUT BRONZE ] ..Sold Out Bronze! 20 never-before-aired commercials, including this one from Time Magazine.

[ SUPER: "IN-A-TIME-MAGAZINE - Iron Butterfly", to the tune of"In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida" ]

"In a Time magazine, now baby
It's got all the news, if you care.

David Crosby: Or this Doors tune for General Electric!
[ SUPER: "GENERAL ELECTRIC - The Doors", to the tune of "People Are Strange" ]

"Self-cleaning oven,
Digital timer,
Chicken is tasty
When broiled in my range
G.E. range,
Pastries come out all the same,
G.E. range..

David Crosby: And White Shirt!

[ SUPER: "WHITE SHIRT - Jefferson Airplane", to the tune of "White Rabbit" ]

"One shirt makes you formal,
And one shirt has short sleeves,
Ask Arrow
For your shirt needs.

[ Shown: a picture of the Rolling Stones and a box of Eggo Waffles ]

"Hey you, leggo my eggo!
Hey you, leggo my eggo!
Hey you, leggo my eggo!

David Crosby: Plus, these other Sold-Out Bronze classics!

[ Titles scroll:

"(HEY YOU) LEGGO MY EGGO - The Rolling Stones"
"INCENSE AND FEENA-MINTS - Strawberry Alarm Clock"
"JEEP CHEROKEE PEOPLE - Paul Revere and the Raiders"

David Crosby: [ holding both albums] I've listened to these albums over 300 times, man! Now you can too by ordering today. Here's how, man:

(bugs his eyes)

Send $19.69 to:
P.O. Box 1965
Silver Springs, IN, 01965

Or call 1-800-SIX-TIES, yeah.

[ cut back to father and daughter dancing to the tune of "We Gotta GetOut of This Place" ]

"We gotta get out of this place
And take a trip to the Poconos.
We gotta get out of this place..

[ fade to black ]

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Anonymous said...

I could care less.

If they continue to make good music, they could do 3000 commercials and it wouldn't bug me.