Sunday, May 15, 2005

South Bronx Parasite

The absurdist comedy of Aqua Teens Hunger Force, on the [ a d u l t s w i m] lineup on the Cartoon Network. The ATHF aren't teens and aren't a force dealing with any hunger but their own. As for aqua, they do hang out by their neighbor Carl's pool a lot, glomming onto his existence as an undateable dork with a Joisey accent {presskit version: "prime, grade A cut of all-American man-meat that lives next door."} Hmmm. A less-charming, less-powerful Tony Soprano? The series makes good writing, hip-hop, and takeoffs on adolescent male behavior all work. I guess it really works because of the interactions between the main characters: Frylock, Master Shake, Meatwad, and Carl. My favorite episode {"Diet" #51} was when Carl goes on the South Bronx Paradise Diet: eating whatever he wants, no exercise, and eating special $8 SBP candy bars. Carl and Meatwad wager a case of beer on who can lose the most weight. Frylock analyzes the bars and looks at the wrapper divulging the true nature of the diet, South Bronx Parasite. "Carl" wins. Well, sort of.

Shake & Meatwad encounter overly-rich media interstitial ads from "Interfection."

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