Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unrealistic Body Image & Will Everyone Hate the Sexy Girl?

Bratz Dolls May Give Young Girls Unrealistic Expectations Of Head Size

Humor from The Onion.  Last fall, this came out on the Maxim effect.  Here's what recent research is finding:
The research began by trying to see if men were as negatively affected by men's magazines as women are by Cosmo and the like. Men that were given men's magazines like Maxim had lower self image, which got the researchers to question exactly what about the magazines cause the drop in self esteem. So they showed men just the pictures of objectified women, men, and the articles and again checked their esteem levels. They found that, surprisingly, it wasn't the images of idealized men that made the guys feel inadequate - it was the women. Even more surprising was that the male fashion group reported the least amount of body self-consciousness among the three groups - the guys couldn't care less what the other men looked like. 
Oh, being Metrosexual {or dare I say übersexual} is such a b****.

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