Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mashup in 2.0-Bird + the Bee

This was on The Bird & the Bee website, a LA duo {MyS, Wiki}.  Rather than claim IP infringement by a NYU student, they featured it on their site.  As of 2/5/09, the video has 1.2M views.

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JD said...

I have to say not only did I love the song by The Bird and The Bee, but the video was amazing! I really like the innovation and artistry that comes about with the evolution of the Internet. The new and creative things in the entertainment industry seem to be less commercialized and more artistic. This is the sense I got from Jason Sharp. They are not selling out so to speak, but they are trying to promote true artistry. I may be looking to JSM in the future when I have my degree if that is the direction I am still moving in a year!