Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Darlings of the Indie Internet Music Scene

I learned of Ingrid Michaelson when I heard her "Winter Song" collaboration with Sara Bareilles (vidcap) over the holidays. Sara had a very catchy song last year with "Love Song."

Ingrid has leveraged Web 2.0 to jumpstart her career and thwart the mainstream model my class saw depicted in "The Way the Music Died." In 2006, Ingrid uploaded her entirely self-produced album Girls and Boys to her MySpace page. There, it caught the eye of a licensing and management firm who got her songs out there in a big way, including 3 on Grey's Anatomy. That show, with its audience demos and ratings can catapult artists. The Jealous Girlfriends also were featured on the show which helped to get them exposed in a big way. Here's a link to TJG's "Something in the Water" on Ingrid's exposure got her album Girls and Boys to the #2 spot on the iTunes charts. (Today, global and US music download sales are 15% and 30% of total music sales, respectively. iTunes is around 57% market share of online music.)

In case you're wondering, yes, Ingrid's on Twitter and even made a Twitter song.


Anonymous said...

interesting post. i like this idea of "phoretic" media relationships ("phoresy": "A symbiotic relationship, especially among arthropods and some fishes, in which one organism transports another organism of a different species") ... exposure in one media thru another such that these media function in symbiotic relationships.

it didn't used to be that way in rock n roll music, did it? tv shows used to use scores, like films, yes? and/or they had their own theme songs, like companies have jingles. but the way contemporary bands can market their stuff thru (not commercials but) television shows and films is something that seems relatively new to me...

and i think actually the tjg's have had three songs on grey's, plus pieces (the song you link to) on The L Word, CSI (miami maybe?) and that show with james woods, called i think _Shark_. being a relatively new'ish band, all this tv-show exposure HAS to have been good for them, for sure.

which reminds me that another sort of "arm" of this is that, for a show like grey's, they've been putting out "soundtrack" cd's each year the show's been on, cd compilations on which they include 'the best of the best' of the many many songs on the show that season. so last year, when soundtrack 3 (for season 3) was released, they included that amazing song you linked to which, again, was pretty cool. and the cd, overall, is pretty darn good.

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

Ingrid Tweeted that a repeat of "Artist's Den" was on tonight on WLIW. You can see a clip of her doing Keep Breathing.

molly said...
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