Friday, March 06, 2009

Google Love-in on Charlie Rose & Ironies of Ironies: Tales of PR in Nerdville

Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google was on Charlie Rose on Thursday (3/5) in a typical softball interview.  I do like it when Charlie comes out to San Francisco to talk tech.  She mentions that often startups either develop into having a marketing focus or a sales focus, while Google still has an engineering focus.  Charlie piped in that Yahoo! is cited as having lost its way as it focused too much on marketing, while ignoring engineering.  Well, Yahoo! search is clunky (in my opinion), but the larger problem has been Yahoo's execution.  It has lost its way in delivering value to users, despite being feature laden, although some things are OK, like Flickr.

Maybe she was keeping things under wraps, but I thought she could have really made the interview interesting by talking about emerging technologies more.  I'm talking about the use of AI and the contextual web and increased personalization.  They danced around mobile web, G1, Chrome, Google News, etc., BUT, what I thought was hi-larious was when I searched for Marissa Mayer, I found this Gawker article discussing how a 2008 SF Magazine profile used the moniker Googirl.  The irony.  I think the Google PR people should have Googled "Googirl" before greenlighting the profile.  Quelle surprise that the article was edited & the title changed.   I won't link to it, but feel free to click on the UrbanDictionary definition of googirl.

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