Saturday, March 21, 2009


The winner of this year's Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator competition at SXSW in the Online Music Category was Popcuts, an "an online music company providing an innovative web-based download store that gives back store credit to early discoverers of popular songs."

The jury found the business model and site to be the:
"most likely to succeed and disrupt the current music distribution landscape."--UC Berkeley iSchool news feature

I love the idea.  I'm not 100% in love with the interface, but I'm sure it's still being worked on.  I haven't spent too much time with it and it's not horrible.  "Incentivizing" the opinion leaders and making the site sticky for them could be interesting.  Of course, I'd be interested in the Web 2.0 front, in terms of linking Popcuts to other SN sites and smartphones, not to mention applet creation and so on.  I have some ideas for adding value, but I need to keep them to myself right this second.

This was based on a Master's project at UC Berkeley and more information is here.  I would love to help students develop these types of projects, which is much more interesting than the iTunes redesign I had students do last year in Internet marketing.

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