Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vended, Vidi, Vici: iPods for the Traveling Set or the Rise of the Machines

I have to admit I'm somewhat fascinated with how you can purchase stuff anywhere.  I saw an iPod vending machine in Terminal 1 {JetBlue} of the Oakland Airport.  Turns out that this is quite an old story, but I think the idea of selling preloaded iPods is an interesting one.  

Why not?  This clip from Fight Club (1999) skewers the "Ikea nesting instinct" and the ideas that we are made whole by what we buy and if you don't have a personal style, don't worry, a catalog can supply you with serving suggestions.  Why not the same with music?  The preloaded iPod can turn you into a hipster, help you relive the glory days, or just get you through the flight with the crying kid in the row behind you, when you forgot your iPod.  {I have the uncanny knack for getting those choice seats!}

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