Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Fox Television has had a history of airing cult TV shows--and then canceling them. On the primetime TV graveyard of Fridays, Fox is giving The Sara Connor Chronicles and Joss Whedon's {Firefly; Buffy the Vampire Slayer} Dollhouse. Whedon has a reputation for being very imaginative, but also having costly productions.

He has a built-in cult following, but this translates to relatively small audiences:

9:00PM 9:30 PM
share/rating (18-49 rating) share/rating (18-49 rating)
2/13: 2.9/5 (2.0) 2.8/5 (2.1)
2/20: 2.6/5 (1.7) 2.7/5 (1.7)

The show is beating out Friday Night Lights (NBC), WWF (CW), and Fuego en la Sangre (Uni), while attracting more viewers than its lead-in, The Sara Connor Chronicles. Nevertheless, it's losing to Flashpoint (CBS) and Supernanny (ABC). The reviews haven't been stellar and the NYTimes does a decent overview. Here's the show in 3 minutes:

You can also view episodes online here. In terms of its premise, it looks like a sexy cross between Quantum Leap and Dark City. I think it's early to see if the show truly gels, but it may not get a chance to find its way. Wonderfalls only got 3 episodes on Fox. Other sources show it's pulling in men (thanks to Eliza Dushku) and does have that built-in cult following. I'll be following this show this spring to see how it does. It's expensive to produce, but I'm sure a friend of mine will say, "why don't they use some of the costume budget to buy Eliza a bra?,"(see above photo), which sort of misses the point, given the male appeal.

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