Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Twittersolving and My Quest to Blog with Jack Black Soundbites

I've successfully used Twitter to get advice {should I get a XH-A1 or XHA1s video camera?} and I get the idea of using the technology to gain information from the "crowd," a microcrowdsourcing.  As some of you may have noticed, I'm all about neologisms.  Here's an example of B of A using Twittersolving.

I've been wanting to insert sound snippets in blogs for years now.  I never game it too much thought, particularly since most of my blogging from 2006-2008 was on a "walled garden" site with limited functionality.  One of my crazy ideas is a blog tool that allows for the insertion and storage of small sound files, akin to the Jack Black Sound Board with a cool icon.  For example, in case you need to emphasize you're joking, you can add a sound effect::  but using Flash, so you wouldn't have to navigate away from the blog.  I do realize I can program this, but I searched around saw this blog on someone using Twitter to find information to insert podcasts on a blog.  While not quite what I had envisioned, this would work.  I just would have a playback button like this::
I didn't have time to make this work, but I wonder what ideas others have.

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