Sunday, April 12, 2009

When You're Not Hip Enough to Do Guerrilla Marketing, 12 Monkeys, & Paix à Paques

LACMA tried on a street guerrilla ad campaign, but couldn't pull it off.  The chalk ads were for an upcoming museum exhibit, but the faux Bansky-esque graffiti wasn't coördinated with the banner campaign, so it's all getting washed to the Santa Monica Bay.

I'm not sure this type of advertising is "on code" for a LACMA.  Maybe MOCA, but LACMA has an size and image that defies guerilla anything, in my book.  I think it's somewhat of a creative idea, but I think the execution {graphically} isn't quite working.  I'm afraid executions like this will be overused and just add to the clutter.  I can just see an overzealous marketing campaign running afoul of the law by putting markings on the street directing drivers to stop to look at an ad or something of that ilk.

12 Monkeys
The Pompeii chalkings also remind me of the spray paint stencils for The Army of the 12 Monkeys.  Keep the guerrilla/gorilla/monkey jokes to yourself.

For those unfamiliar, 12 Monkeys was a Terry Gilliam {Monty Pyhon fame} film starring Brad Pitt & Bruce Willis.  {Something tells me that given how much both get paid, we won't be seeing those two in a film together any time soon, unless they're working scale.}  12 Monkeys was inspired by a short film by Chris Marker, La Jetée {1962}.  This YouTube has clips of both::

Paix & Pâques!

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