Sunday, June 14, 2009

#CNN Fail

José blogged about protests over the Iranian elections and this evening I noticed on Twitter that the hashtag "#CNNFail" was a trending topic::

Another hashtag I saw was #MSMfail for mainstream media fail. In the past, I've looked to CNN to have some coverage, but as one "tweet" noted, the switch from analog to digital TV was the big story::


In Iran, Mir Hossein Mousavi, the reformist presidential candidate who ran against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been placed under house arrest, riots have erupted, and telephone service has been cut. This is a big story. Are there just interns at CNN headquarters in Atlanta this weekend? Twitterers have posted coverage by various news agencies and MyNewsJunkie noted the CNN failure. One tweet had a link to another social media site, Flickr, with a slideshow of images from Tehran::


Well, if you believe the Daily Show, CNN is all over the social media out of desperation to get/engage viewers::

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Canadian viewers without a US proxy or HotspotShield can see the clip here, but go to 7min 40 sec mark. Comedy Network won't let me deep link to the exact spot on the clip.

CNN seems desperate to connect with viewers seems to be dropping the ball here. ElleMac just let me know that someone at CNN directed Twitterers to the CNN International page, which has coverage, but as of 2:22 EDT, has nothing on the home page, but there is one article on the tab. On Twitter, CNN has nothing on Iran and CNNBrk has three tweets::

"Crowds in Tehran break into shops and start fires as they protest re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Are Twitterers being too hard on CNN and the mainstream media -or- is this just the state of journalism? Is this a case of CNN not really understanding what it means to truly engage in social media? There is content at CNN International and from CNN Twitterers, so why not be responsive 24/7? It reminds me of an emerging social media adage I've been seeing. You need to both shout & listen.

Twitterversion:: Lack of US coverge on Iranian election/protests/clampdown lead Twitterers to cite #CNNfail &#MSMfail. Too harsh or journalist #socmediafail?

HatTip:: ElleMac

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CNN failed and John Stewart made it extremely funny