Saturday, June 20, 2009

Facebook & Globalization

Facebook going global is nothing new, but they recently overthrew MySpace in the US. I went to Alexa to see for myself what the latest global numbers were for the top social networking sites. Facebook is clearly running away with global reach (above left), but MySpace is still maintaining site stickiness (below left). Some summary snapshots of Facebook's growth are here.

In terms of global users, Facebook is diversified when it comes to countties represented on its site, when compared to MySpace and Twitter. Using a 4 country concentration ratio (CR), I gauged nation dominance. Taking the share of reach of the top-4 countries, I found that the Facebook numbers shows that 46.8% of traffic is dominated by these countries (US, UK, Italy, & France). MySpace's stats, on the other hand, show it's very much US dominated. The 4-country CR is 76.4% dominated by US, Germany, UK, and México. Twitter splits the difference at 66%, dominated by the US, Germany, India, & UK. I was a bit surprised to see India in the top 4 for Twitter, but I found out the Indian elections were a trending topic last month. See screenshots below or these links:: FB, MyS, T.

I'm not sure how the social networking sites will generate stable revenues {Facebook's are probably short of their targets}, but I wonder if a new social media tool will seamlessly merge functions and web presences, complicating matters {but simplifying the user experience}.

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