Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moneytaur & the Importance of Repackaging

So, the alt-darlings of the late-80s/early-90s, The Pixies are offering up a boxed set, Minotaur::

Well, I like quite a few Pixies songs and I have no idea where my CDs are of Come On Pilgrim, Surfer Rosa, etc., so I was wondering how much this set was. The deluxe edition is $175 and the signed limited edition is $495 {only 3,000 are available, so act now!} The limited edition is 25 pounds and two feet tall. This isn't music, indie heads, this is art. These versions were "curated" by artist Vaughan Oliver and include penis graffiti. Don't take my word on this, have at the infomercial::

No new recordings and the tracks aren't even remastered, but a whole bunch of artwork and blah blah blah. If fans find value in this, rock on. There's gold plated CDs and Blu-Ray DVDs, along with the artwork. On Stereogum, there was some lively discussion on the merits of this, both pro and con. This made me chuckle::
"Perhaps the penis art symbolizes Black's ultimately damaging control over Deal's songwriting on later albums.
Posted by: Sink_smallobjt at 06/16/09 9:53 AM "
My take. Well, here it is::

Glad to see the band going "green"...or not, given all the packaging. I'm not seeing the value proposition here and drifts awfully close to fan exploitation, in my book. Well, this one goes out to that chien andalucía and all you pining-for-the-90s bitches, some free Pixies thanks to Web 2.0::


Twitterversion:: #newblogpost #Pixies repackage old CDs without remastering. Bonuses&artwork, but is this arrogance, art or #fail? @Prof_K

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