Sunday, June 21, 2009

When Horror Goes Horribly Awry: Epic Trailer Fail?

So, I was getting comfortable in my seat at the "ScotiaMount" {ht:: LQ} before The Hangover, which had its moments. I might do a review later in the week--maybe on Twitter @Prof_K. The trailers, on the other hand, made me wince. I've been hearing about 500 Days of Summer and maybe I'm just too jaded but I got a toothache seeing this oh-so-earnest hipster-targeting indie candy that I predict will be immensely popular in places like Queen West & Billyburg-B'Lyn. The trailer starts with a Smiths reference and Stephen and Johnny are well-represented on the s'track. The full trailer is here. Precious. Somewhere in the mix was Orphan. The site and trailer are here. A creepy proto-goth Little Bo-Peep has anger management issues and exacts revenge on her enemies and all who slight her. It's supposed to be in the horror genre, but there were a couple of times where the audience was laughing at the trailer. She plays the trailer out with a dark rendition of a Bette Middler tune, Glory of Love. Insert "Keyboard cat" meme here. Who is the audience for this? I don't see the tween/teen boys flocking to this & is Sarsgaard that hard up? On a tangent, I think he should be cruel to his kids and make them hyphenates:: Sarsgaard-Gyllenhaal.

OK, OK, I'll get to the point. The real trailer in the crosshairs is for the latest installment in The Final Destination series, i.e., #4. The trailer tried to set up the story, but it degenerated into a comedic version of this::

This trailer had people laughing-out-loud at how moronic it made the movie look. I realize that trailers can be very different from the film it's promoting, but in terms of building interest for a mainstream audience {not familiar with or a rabid fan of the Final Destination series}, this one seemed to miss the mark the point of ridicule.

It's like New Line got extremely lazy and just decided to string together a bunch of scenes that allude to the demise of various characters. I was so bad, it got me to finally experiment with editing and recut the trailer as a mashup::

This is the first of a series of experiments in advertising that I've been thinking about for over 12 years, titled umzuschaffen das Geschaffene/refashion the fashioned, which is from a Gœthe piece. We really did need a montage. One that clocked in under 90 seconds with an homage to Trey.

Back to The Hangover, the last few minutes feature The Dan Band, who made a splash with their rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in Old School.

Song {NSFW}:: Candy Shop - Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band from The Hangover

Video:: "Candy Shop" Original Version, Live w/Olivia.

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