Tuesday, July 21, 2009

newmusicmonday #1:: Monday Rebel

A tad late for a Monday, but here we go. Sifting through the CBC Radio 3 new music playlists, Orléans, Ontario's Monday Rebel's "What If" caught my ear. You can hear the track on CBC, along with 8 other tracks. Glenn Smith's guitarwork reminds me a little of Lloyd Cole's solo stuff circa 1990, but he describes the band's sound as "Pretenders meets Dire Straits." Smith's a Stones fan who got to tour with Mick Taylor, ex-guitarist of the Stones, in 2003. Vocalist Lisa Thompson is a great complement to the arrangements, which are steeped in classic rock roots.

My favourite tracks of theirs on CBC Radio 3 are the ones with more of a pop feel, which is pretty much by bag. "What If," "I'll Be Fine," and "Phoenix." Their new album is War Stories and the track "Awake in Me" is 14th. on last week's Canadianmusic.com's indie chart. I'm checking to see if Soundscapes in Toronto is carrying the album, which is available at CDBaby.

newmusicmonday was spawned of the hashtag #musicmonday on Twitter.

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