Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Toronto Wayback Machine:: Can You Guess Where This Is?

Warning:: Clicking on links of doing searches based on signage in the photos may cause you to find the answer.
This bit of Toronto real estate in the first photo no longer exists, but the Royal Bank of Canada {RBC} branch is still at that corner. The photo is circa 1960s. I'll try to get a firm date on it.

The second photo might give some clues to where this is. The tower in the background went up in the early/mid-1970s.

Mr. Zum's was a hamburger chain and I've read it had the same corporate owners as the Harvey's chain. If you search for Mr. Zum, you'll stumble on the answer to where this is.

The final photo is from 1926. You can see the architecture of the RBC
building in the background. Near the intersection was the home of Senator William McMaster and Moulton College, the latter eventually becoming McMaster University. The intersection is currently mired in controversy, although not the corner where the RBC building was.

Can you guess the exact corner where the RBC was?

The answer is here.

Twitterversion:: Web2.0 wayback machine w/ 3 old photos of a #Toronto intersection. Do you know where this is? http://url.ie/23iu #Rhizomicomm #Urbanism @Prof_K

"So the map says ‘you are here’/Waltzing in a garbage pile/Sweating like a weather’s vein/Coughing thunder, sneezing rain
I will never see the sun/Spadina, St. George, Bay, and Yonge/One for nothing, all for one/Spadina, St. George, Bay and Yonge"

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