Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Luckily, the cool weather is keeping the garbage from stinking too much here in Toronto, as we're well into the second week of the strike. Life is in the pits around Christie Pits Park, as garbage is piled up in a hockey rink. The local mini-park named after Norman Jewison has overflowing bins, which is unsightly but not too out-of-control.

This got me thinking about stop-gap park enjoyment solutions during the strike, as well as the future of parks in Toronto, in general. Oh, to find a decent park to chillax in. In light of Miller's financial crisis and CUPE demands, what will be the future of parks in Toronto? I think it's time for innovative thinking here to cut costs in the long run.

I saw on NewYorkShitty that down in Brooklyn they've come up with...the park on wheels! Get this, an actual trailer park::

We're talking about chillaxing in an actual trailer park, not to be confused with chillaxing in this Trailer Park::

Here are some shots from the NYS blog::

I think this is food for thought. Maybe Toronto needs to move away from actual parks and towards trailer parks. Plus, at night, you can just lock them up and if the neighbors trash it, the city can move it. As Homer Simpson would say,"So long, losers."

Things are fine here in the Yonge/Church corridor, but St. James Town could use some trailer love.

Happy Canada Day/Fête du déménagement!

Twitterversion:: #NewYorkShitty {} spots trailer parks in #Brooklyn. Time for #Toronto to act on trend. #GarbageStrike. @Prof_K

Song:: Obscene Kidz - "Chiller dans les Clubs" {Montréal, QC}

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