Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Web 2.0 Wayback Machine:: CBC Presages Sprawl in an Automobile Age

This 1954 video from the CBC Archives goes across Canada to examine how various cities are dealing with affordable housing. The video tends to look to the suburbs as an ideal and often frames cities as problematic. The automobile is seen as a given. Some of the issues addressed::
  • Problem of substandard housing
  • Housing discrimination against couples with young kids
  • Regent Park {Toronto} public housing as well-built but impossible to get
  • Don Mills {Toronto} as a planned suburban community
  • Housing for elderly in Weston {Toronto}
  • Lower-cost suburban utopias near Ottawa, Montréal, and Vancouver
About 8 years ago, I was compiling data for a possible consulting project examining the consumption of place and space and working with community health data that had a housing component. Influencing my views was a book I read at UC-Berkeley, Housing As If People Mattered, but I started to realize how idealized patterns of living and land use, the housing bubble in California, and market pressures for profitable developments were leading to more and more sprawl. Seeing this video reminded me of these issues.

Twitterversion:: 1954 #CBCArchive Newsmagazine: Canadian affordable housing crisis.Presages sprawl in automobile age.#Web2_0WaybackMachine @Prof_K

Image:: Vidcap from CBC Newsmagazine, airdate 21 November 1954

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