Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Apple's Tabula Nada:: Give Me an Integrated iPhone/iTouch - MacBookPro

Almost two weeks ago, I was walking along Bloor through Yorkville and the Annex with my crappy Nokia phone and my MacBook. As a T-Mobile user in the land of Rogers Wireless, I've learned to make precious few phonecalls, so this was one of the rare times I was toting the phone around. I started to resent those few ounces and thought again about how I wanted an integrated laptop/phone solution.

Anyone following Apple knows that the tilting at rumourmills is a favourite pasttime of brand fanatics. Should we call them Fapples? One of the latest rumours is an Apple Tablet. Apple, I don’t want a tablet and this "innovation" strikes me as something that sounds cooler than it is. I love Wired's mock-up {above}. I remember the Newton and thought it seemed like a cool idea, but the SNL parody ad of it seeming like a really expensive Post-It summed it up for me. I was content with my Quadra 700 and Powerbook 165 in all their putty and grey glory, respectively.

What do I want? Like I said, I want integration. While I would like an iPhone to see what all the fuss is, the fact of the matter is that Rogers’ plans gives me little incentive to switch from T-Mobile for vox or data given how little I use my phone…when I’m not driving in California traffic. What kind of integration? Well, I was talking to a friend who was in the trenches at AT&T’s wireless division who is a heavy user of mobile and a media mover. He easily spends $1,000 US on hardware alone, often buying bleeding edge unsubsidized phones overseas that can be plugged into AT&T’s GSM network. I started bouncing ideas off of him in IM and here’s what I came up with::
1. Integrated iPhone or iTouch that plugs directly into a MacBookPro (9.7” & higher)
2. The iPhone/iTouch can double as a trackpad fitting into a slot, but a regular trackpad module can plug into the slot. It charges while in the slot.
3. The iPhone option could tether the MacBookPro, acting as a cellular modem
4. The iPhone/iTouch mobile resources and features can be tapped by the MacBookPro (e.g., GPS geolocation)
5. Managing and synching contacts, media files {movies, music, digicam images etc.} can be seamlessly integrated. Media can be easily dragged from the MacBookPro to the iPhone/iTouch
6. Users can text with the MacBookPro keyboard
7. The iPhone w/ microphone option can allow VoIP calls using WiFi
Searching on Google, I found out I'm not the only one to think along these lines.

The iPhone/iTouch-MacBookPro integration would offer several key advantages for Apple::
1. Create more technological share of wallet
2. Invest more users in the Apple platform
3. Create more incentives for innovations with an iPhone/iTouch-MacBookPro platform that can be used for third-party App. development
4. Increase the use of mobile for those not originally interested in mobile

Rumours had the Apple Tablet from $600 - $800 US. According to VentureBeat, the $375 AT&T subsidy is making the iPhone very profitable for Apple. I spent over $2,000 CAN for my MacBook 2.2 Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM/160GB HD back in late 2007, including AppleCare.

A current MacBookPro 2.26 4GB/500GB with AppleCare is $2,058 CAN. A 8/16/32GB iTouch goes for $259/$329/$429 CAN, respectively, and the iPhone 3GS {feature summary from Gizmodo} is $699/799 CAN for no-contract for the 16/32GB versions, respectively. Is an integrated iTouch/iPhone MacBookPro worth $2317-$2858? {Exchange rate is .9218 CAN = $1 US}

For me, it's a no-brainer.

Twitterversion:: Thoughts on my fantasy #Apple Macintosh - iPod/iPhone combo convergence device. Not that anyone is listening. http://url.ie/27ax @Prof_K

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