Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogger Turns 10!

TechCrunch tweeted that Blogger was turning 10, which got me thinking of my time on the platform. I was relatively late to Blogger, starting in the autumn of 2004. Back in the day, the blog was Didacticon, a take-off on Bentham's panopticon. Now, someone else has taken the name, but let it go fallow. Sic transit gloria blog. This was back when I was talking about Negroponte's "comingled bits" {Nicholas, not John}, before YouTube was around, and when Hello allowed images to be posted {above-from Web.Archive, Sept 2004}.

I must admit I almost turned my back on Blogger this summer. The SEO and robots.txt issue was getting me to consider WordPress, which I use on ThickCulture over at Contexts. I decided to stick it out, given the fact that there were a few issues with Wordpress and iMeem and also because I'm switching domains and likely to host my blog there. Now, via TechCrunch, I hear Blogger might be sweetening the pot. We'll see.

Upon deep reflection, what have I learned from blogging since 2004? I was better at it in 2004. I also wonder if all the blog haters are now Twitter haters.

Wicked, as in the code used in the newer templates. Then again, I'm still here. And I was just kidding about LiveJournal. Diaryland, on the other hand...

Twitterversion:: #TechCrunch reports #Blogger is turning 10. My stint started in 2004, but I have a wandering eye. @Prof_K

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