Friday, August 21, 2009

Elderflower:: Pressé & Otherwise

A few years ago I came across this in an Ikea. Flädersaft is made from elderberry flowers {30%}, along with sugar and citric acid. I mixed it mostly with club soda for a pressé, but it also mixes well with vodka and gin. There was a foodie blog I lost track of that talked about Ikea's Flädersaft and some of the commenters turned up their noses at the idea of buying foodstuffs at Ikea. Some take elderberries very seriously and there's an elderberry site here. I've never tried the liqueur {e.g., St. Germain}, but a quick search came up with nothing on the LCBO site, so I'll have to import it from here or Westchester/NYC.

Flädersaft will always remind me of summer late afternoons in the Bay area, when the warm air mixes with the slight chill of a sea breeze. Maybe I should try to find some cloudberries to complete the Scandinavia-meets-Eastbay effect. I'll be out & about and may have to pick some up today...if I can brave the big box hell known as Emeryville.

Twitterversion:: Summer afternoons in #Berkeley are reminding me of #flädersaft, elderberry flower extract. @Prof_K

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Anonymous said...

If it is mixed with soda water then it is practically the same as the Austrian soft drink "Almdudler" which is based on a country drink of the same taste but that is bottled until it carbonates itself.