Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music & the Ad:: New Order's "Ceremony"

Every so often I do tweets using the hashtag, #Music&the_ad. Every so often, an ad's use of pop music bugs me. For example, when Chan Marshall started shilling SUVs for Lincoln with a overdone cover of Space Oddity. I've been watching US television networks this week, so I'm seeing The Daily Show on Comedy Central, as opposed to the Comedy Network in Canada. So, one of the sponsors is Absolut::

The ad is odd. It's like it's one of these institutional ads that run during Sunday morning news programs. "Doing things differently leads to something exceptional." Yeech. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the ad. I'm not sure which version this is or if it's a cover version of New Order/Joy Division's "Ceremony." I was a big fan of New Order until about 1992 or so and this was one of my favourite songs of theirs. There would be hell to pay if they used "Temptation."

On the subject of Absolut advertising and being in Alta California Norte, I recall this Absolut print ad that ran in México::

Given Joel Garreau's Nine Nations of North America, maybe this ad is prescient::

Twitterversion:: #Absolut commercial & 2008 print ad. One abysmal, the other prescient? #Music&the_ad #NewOrder @Prof_K


Officer Mazaltoff, The Beat Cop Poet said...

Perhaps it is the laziness of marketing companies that they simply pay the royalties needed to use a song that is already out there that has so many artists (or the record companies) allowing the use of their music to sell a product. Wondering what your thoughts would be if musicians started composing music that was specifically geared to the product being sold.

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

The Beast Cop Poet::
I have a theory. Creatives in ad agencies on some projects want music they love in their work. Other times, it's just using snippets of lyrics to fit the narrative. I loathe this commercial for Lipton.

I don't always hate the use of songs in commercials, but I've mused on the topic a bit. The Concretes were used in Target ads & I've admitted that I get all my new music from them. As for songs created for ads, I've admitted to liking Major Maker's "Rollercoaster" and that Melanie Horsnell Oreo Candy Bites song. Was that out loud? In terms of my reaction, it might boil down to execution...a good ad with a song I like is OK.