Sunday, August 16, 2009

New England Seafood Shacks:: Missing East Coast Summer

My blog on Point Reyes oysters got me thinking of summer and how I'm missing summer on the East coast. Warm humid nights, fireflies, and thunderstorms weren't a part of my childhood, but in the past few years, I've amassed quite a few fond summer memories.

In 2005, I was presenting at the ASA in Philadelphia, but was fortunate enough to be invited to spend a few days on Cape Cod, right before an unbearable heat wave hit. It was the first time I was in New England. I took a redeye from Oakland to Logan and was extremely grumpy when I arrived in Orleans, since I was down on sleep. I recall having an irrational hatred of all things architecturally looking colonial. I took a short nap and simmered down. Later, we went to the beach at Nauset, which was just like this. Later in the afternoon, we migrated to Wellfleet and I took a longer nap on the beach. I recall it sprinkling a little, but clearing up shortly. I was amazed at how warm and shallow the water was in Cape Cod Bay.

One of my fond memories of the trip was going to one of the seafood shacks off of Route 6. This one had outside picnic tables with plastic tablecloths and and the whole place was buzzing with activity. There's something to be said for sharing fried seafood, fries, and rings with friends and downing cold Bud in plastic cups on a hot night. A younger, thinner version of me would have loved to roam New England using this as a rough guide, but those days are long gone. After a few days on the Cape, I took an Amtrak train to Philadelphia and then to NYC to hang out with my cousin in East Harlem.

I'll be heading back east after I get some things done here in California and hopefully I'll make it to the ocean before the weather turns.

Twitterversion:: Missing the summer on the East Coast & thinking of #CapeCod. Warm nights, fireflies, & summer showers. @Prof_K

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