Tuesday, August 04, 2009

newmusicmonday #3:: Dark Mean

I found Dark Mean on CBC Radio3 & love "frankencottage," which I thought was perfect after two consecutive weekends up in Kingston, ON {sigh, not Jamaica} on Buck Lake. I'll have to blog about the surreal experience of being at the combo. LCBO/Beer Store in Inverary, which was like a cross between Deliverance and Fargo.

Hailing from the Hammer {Hamilton}, the band has a collaborative approach to music {members have no defined roles} that works, as opposed to the sound getting muddy or the production overblown. Borrowing from folk and electronica, but squarely in the realm of pop, the music is accessible with lyrical twists and turns. I love a band that has a "Lullaby" with the lyrics, "we'll sleep when we're dead," but maybe it's because I relate to the imagery the song creates, juxtaposing a calm with a insomniac exasperation. Their four song "frankencottage" EP can be downloaded on their site and they're also on MySpace Music.

Twitterversion:: Dark Mean=this week's belated #newmusicmonday selection. "Collaborative" pop infused w/folk & electronica. EP free dwnld. http://url.ie/263g @Prof_K

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linnyqat said...

Great find. I'm listening to it right now. Thanks for the reco.