Tuesday, August 11, 2009

newmusicmonday #4:: Annie Burch

Greetings from the Bay Area. Berkeley, CA to be exact.
I saw that Broken Social Scene was covering Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart," which is on the soundtrack for the forthcoming The Time Traveler's Wife. BSS also makes a cameo as a wedding band, according to Pitchfork. As for the BSS cover, I absolutely hated it. The lyrics should have been replaced with a chorus of "blahs." I remember someone I knew, who happened to stumble upon Joy Division later in life, wearing a crisp T-shirt with the "Unknown Pleasures" album art. Sigh. I'm not against covers {e.g., Nouvelle Vague} or retro-fannery, but I guess what bothers me is when anything iconic plays a part in an overt cash grab.
So, BSS is NOT this week's new music Monday selection. That honour goes to Annie Burch, another CBC Radio 3 find. Annie hails from the prairies, Regina to be specific. Annie is only 18, but this is catchy pop confection with great hooks.
"I write all my music and lyrics from my head and mediocre piano skills, and Jerry Shen, a friend and local producer helped me a lot with my album, which can be purchased from me as of now. I write about opinions and other teenage bullshit."
Her lyrics aren't mindless blatherings of teen angst. The bittersweet cynicism of "System Failure" is juxtaposed with the upbeat power pop sound::
"Every breath we take brings us one step closer to failure/But the friends we make take us two steps closer to good times/We'll never get anywhere if we keep living inside of the system/Break in, run out, I doubt the status quo will ever satisfy, so we're leaving it behind."
Jaded rebellion never felt so good. Her music is streamed on ReverbNation. I've listened to a few tracks and while my favourite is "System Failure," there are interesting arrangements and turns of phrase in the mix. Maybe she'll cover Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life" {one of her influences} wearing a crisp 3eB T-shirt with old album art on it for a hipster soundtrack. Or not.
Twitterversion:: Annie Burch is #newmusicmonday artist. Songs streamed on ReverbNation. unfortunately, unBlipable. @Prof_K


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