Monday, August 17, 2009

newmusicmonday #5:: The Pretty Faces

The Pretty Faces {website w/player featuring tracks from their recent album, Another Sound}, not to be confused with The Killer's "All the Pretty Faces," is yet another CBC Radio 3 find. Paying homage to the late 1970s, meaning strong guitar work out of a post-punk tradition with well-crafted lyrics, this snowbird band {fleeing for Florida in 2003} rocks, citing Elvis Costello, The Strokes, Elliott Smith as their influences. I'm not the only one to hear a bit of Iggy Pop on some of the songs. Contrasting their older songs from the début album, Another Sound {review} is tighter with less garage and more layers.
Twitterversion:: #newmusicmonday Fmr Waterloo, ON band, The Pretty Faces pay homage:#70s post-punk that rocks. Sound is honed on 2nd.album. @Prof_K

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