Sunday, August 30, 2009

newmusicmonday #7a & #7b:: Asobi Seksu & Singers of Ingle Woods

Asobi Seksu {遊び セックス} has been on my radar for a bit, but I've always failed to follow up on them.  The shoegazer pop duo  from NYC, taking its name from a Japanese colloquialism for casual sex, has just released a 10" for "Transparence" from their album Hush.  You can download an MP3 of "Transparence" from Stereogum here, which also has a list of tour dates.  Selected dates::  they will be in:: San Francisco @Slim's on 2/Oct, Vancouver, BC @theBiltmore on 6/Oct, T-O@Horseshoe on 12/Oct, Montréal @Il Motore on 13/Oct, & NYC @Bowery Ballroom on 16/Oct.

I don't know much about the folksy pop of Singers of Ingle Woods.  The CBC Radio 3 site says they hail from Ingle Woods, Yukon, Canada, which is a far cry from Inglewood, California, US, which I'm more familiar with growing up near LA.  Apparently, they've been around since 2006 and have a cryptic bio on MySpace and Radio 3.  "All Over Town" is quite a catchy ode to the joys of boy/girl connecting on the bus they ride together:: "I'll catch your eye/And you'll sit beside me/All over time, all over town/We'll go together"No player available for SoIW, but you can just click on these links to hear "All Over Town":: MySpace Radio 3.

Twitterversion::  #NewMusicMonday  #AsobiSeksu new 10" "Transparence" out w/MP3 dwnload on link. Singers of Ingle Woods is #CBCRadio3 find. @Prof_K

Song for 7a::
 Transparence - Asobi Seksu {updated with Grooveshark player, 16 July 2010}

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