Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tips & Tricks:: How to Embed a YouTube Video at a Particular Spot

Ever wonder how to link to specific points of time on a YouTube clip? This entry is a PSA on how to do it with links and an embeddable player. The only caveat is that you need to be familiar with editing HTML on your blog.

"Deep linking" in video is where you reference a particular time referenced spot. So, take this uploaded clip from Taxi Driver. If you wanted to reference the 16 second location, you add #t=0m16s::
where m is minutes and s = seconds. Here's the hyperlink. Another usability trick I use is having links open up in new windows {HT:: LQ}. You go into the HTML code and find the link. Right before the close of the a href tag, add after the last quotation mark for the link in question:: target="_blank". Then close out the tag. So, the tag should have this general form::
a href="link" target="_blank
with the above within <> and the link between the quotes being the URL that you've created with the time reference. So, for the Taxi Driver example::
a href="" target="_blank
Doing the same with the embed code, you need to add the time in seconds, i.e.,  &start=16 , to the links in 2 places. Here's an example {click to enlarge}::

Note the ampersand {&} may already be at the end of the URL, so don't add another one. Also, use the lowercase "s" for start. I made the mistake once of using Start=. If you do that, the code doesn't work.
Here's the resulting embedded video {starting at the 16 second spot}::

Now, say you want to just link to or embed a clip of a clip. You need Splicd, where you enter your start/stop parameters. It gives you a link and the embed HTML code to put on your blog. So, if you just wanted a clip from the 00::16 to the 00::36 mark, you can just specify it::

The results of the embed code from, from ::16 to ::36. It inserts extra space below {which might be a issue} and I haven't figured out how to get rid of it, as I don't see where it's coming from in the code and you just can't delete it.  Here's the link. {Note:: Plays on Splicd, not YouTube}

Update {28 August 2009}::  I just found out here that if you use the embedded player on your blog, rather than going to Splicd, the entire clip plays.  So, the start time is right, but it doesn't stop, despite the code telling it to.  It does work on the link.

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