Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Twitterverse already doesn't like AT&T, often stemming from iPhone complaints.  My experience with them has been that they have the friendliest customer service and line workers, while the technical quality of their service and their pricing fail.  I've been in California for a few weeks now and when I first got here the phone line started to crackle.  It was intermittent at first, but got progressively worse.  I had to get a technician to come out, knowing if the problem was past the service box, I would be charged $55.  It turned out that there was a problem with a switch box down the street and my line was switched to another.  Four days later, no dialtone.  I don't get decent cell reception, despite T-Mobile declaring it a "fair" reception zone, which is why I'm not just using my cellphone.  Plus, no cell reception means no texting.  Skype works and I can still send out e-mails, but IM is hit and miss on a weekend.  I went on their website and a technician can come out on Tuesday, 8-12noon.
Like I said, whenever I interact with AT&T contact personnel, it's always fantastic.  Friendly, helpful, and even going the distance to helping me choose the right plan, given my calls to Canada.  Unfortunately, over the past years, the experience of me and several friends has been less than spectacular.   I'd settle for marginal.  I remember my friends moved over 10 years ago and their number changed.  They let everyone know the new number and even printed off a few cards for people not on e-mail.  At the last minute, AT&T said that they would have to change the number.  When I lived in a semi-rural area {Cool, California}, I had to wait a month and a half or so before I could get a landline because there wasn't enough capacity.  

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