Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Uncia Uncia:: Upgrayedding My Cat

So, I've ordered my copy of Mac OS v10.6 {AKA Snow Leopard}. The last time I performed an "upgrayedd" was back in 2005 when I put Tiger {v10.4} on an iMac DV SE. My friend and I couldn't get it to work until, oops, we realized he had only 128M instead of 512M in that machine. Interestingly, that iMac SE is still going, while a newer HP Pavilion laptop has been rendered doorstop status.

I'm hoping this mostly "under the hood" upgrade will improve efficiencies, as I've maxed out the memory at 4GB and push my 2.2 GHz Macbook Core 2 Duo to the limit.

There are tons of articles talking about Snow Leopard's advantages. Here's one from AP & I've summarized the main points::

  1. — The built-in e-mail, calendar and address book applications will support Microsoft Exchange servers
  2. — Moving the mouse cursor over a program icon in the "dock" at the bottom of the screen reveals all the windows open in that program, tiled side by side.
  3. — The new standard version of the QuickTime video-playing software will now convert clips for playing on iPhones or iPods, or upload them to YouTube.
  4. — You can make the file thumbnails even bigger, giving you a better idea of the contents of your hard drive at glance.
  5. — The operating system is more compact, freeing about 7 gigabytes of hard drive space previously claimed by Leopard.
  6. — Ejecting disks should be easier.
  7. — Web browsing and image and document previews should be noticeably faster.
  8. — Developers will also be helped by a new system called Grand Central Dispatch, which makes it easier to take advantage of the multiple "cores" in today's processors, boosting the speed of heavy-duty applications like video editing.
  9. Lastly, Apple is making it easier to tap into what can be the most powerful computing engine in a desktop PC: the graphics chip.
There are also rumours of an anti-malware feature.

Some are wary of being early adopters and cite their reasons, while LifeHackers gives users a simple prep guide. I think I'll be creating a bootable backup before I venture forth. Even friendly cats have paws, claws, and jaws.

As for me, I'll get my copy delivered on Friday and check Twitter to see what the crowd says.

Image:: Uncia uncia showing off his Idiocracy Upgrayedd.

Twitterversion:: Awaiting copy of #SnowLeopard for the #Macbook & the wisdom of the crowd on #Twitter re:: the install vs. wait verdict. @Prof_K

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