Friday, August 28, 2009

Warm Night

It's a warm night here in this pocket in the Berkeley hills @22ºC/72ºF & the night sky is clear.  Four years ago, I was up here after getting back from an East coast trip to Cape Cod, Philadelphia, and NYC.  I was wondering if my Bay area days were numbered, not realizing that within four years, my world would expand geometrically.

Four years ago I listened to a lot of The Concretes.  The vocalist at the time was Victoria Bergsman, who went on to guest star on the Peter Bjorn, & John hit, Young Folks in 2007.  One of the best Concretes songs is "Lady December":: "you lay down your cloak of snow and it spreads all over/lend me you hand and I'll give you a rush of the heat."  In 2005, I was very much into indie pop in 3/4 time, so I was a sucker for  "Lady December," Fiona Apple's "Waltz {Better than Fine}," and the Concretes' "Warm Night."

follow you down on this warm night
down to a certain color
although I'll make sure we fall on safe ground
I wouldnt lay your faith in my hands
snare me well with all your charms
bring out some amber to warm me
only kiss me if the light is right
otherwise we'll wait a while

Twitterversion::  Warm night in #Berkeley.  Thoughts of #Concretes songs and 3/4 time waltzy #indiepop.

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