Friday, September 18, 2009

ITV's The Prisoner Reimagined for AMC

In 1977, I was a kid and remember seeing re-runs of the cult British TV show, The Prisoner, on PBS {KCET}.  I'm pretty sure what I liked the most about it were the beach scenes.  That summer, we went to the beach quite a bit on Sundays and I also recall being really into tides and oceanography.  It originally aired in the UK from September of 1967 until February of 1968, with only 17 episodes.  I got to see the episodes in the fall of 1991, when the episodes were aired on A&E.  This time around, I was into the outfits evoking 1960s style, somewhat predictable, given a slice of my musical taste, in the years between Morrissey and Marrs' The Smiths and Belle & Sebastian.  The Prisoner was always an obscure pop culture reference to me, so I was interesting to see an homage in a Simpsons episode.  Here's a list of other pop culture references.

I saw a while back that AMC is creating a mini-series of The Prisoner::

Given the productions of Mad Men and Breaking Bad, I'm expecting a pretty good production values all around.  I'm not a "purist," in a fan sense, so I'm fine with liberties taken from the original.  I saw a few episodes of the original Battlestar Galactica from 1978-1979 {in ABC's "family friendly" timeslot} and the reimagined version blew the original away.  I laughed when a student characterized the old BSG as "mormons in apace," given the creator's {Glen A, Larson} religious background.

While James Bond was about celebrating the spy business, The Prisoner was about its fallout, specifically characterized by a Cold War dystopia.

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