Saturday, September 26, 2009

blue state/blue 'screen' 2004

"life during wartime"
"help is on the way"
in a month there would be revelations that the nation was purple.  in less than a year, Katrina would hit. where I was in NYC was blue & given how things were going with JK, in more ways than one.

it's nice getting on the L-train at 8th. to Brooklyn, since you can get a seat at the beginning of the line.  the herky-jerk ride under the East River seems to take forever. it goes to Canarsie. in 2006, I would hear a story of someone who actually had to go there.

13 October 2004
8th. Avenue, Chelsea, Manhattan, NY, US 10011

Twitterversion:: Low-fi photo from 2004. chelsea, nyc. debate-blue state/blue'screen' @Prof_K

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