Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brazil... Where Hearts Were Entertaining June & Have You Got a 27B-6?

Last night, a dear friend on the Hudson sent me the link to this great USB keyboard with anachronistic keys that were reminiscent of old typewriter keys and had lights that evoked the vacuum tube era.  It made me think of Terry Gilliam's Brazil {1985} and the computer terminals in the bureaucracy.  I found an image of the Electriclerk here {see below}.  It probably says something that I love dystopic narratives so much.

Here's a scene with Robert de Niro as Harry Tuttle, a rogue technician circumventing the bureaucracy of Central Services::

I feel that parts of this, along with parts of 12 Monkeys {1995}, are Gilliam at his finest.  Creating worlds that are superimposed upon the familiar.  In this scene, one can imagine the influence of Gilliam on the Coen brothers' Hudsucker Proxy {1994}.

Twitterversion:: #newblogpost Anachronistic keyboard reminded me of the Electriclerk computers in #TerryGilliam's 1985 #Brazil. #Goodnight @Prof_K

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